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Royal Botanical Gardens - Rock Garden

1185 York Blvd Hamilton, ON L0R 2H9

newly renovated May 2016

One of my favourite day trips in the springtime is to the RBG Rock Garden. The garden has tulips of all colours, flowering trees and shrubs, and rockery plants in a unique setting carved out of a former quarry. The tulip beds are mostly at the bottom with little ponds and streams (watch for turtles and frogs). You can climb one of the paths up the side of the quarry to an upper level with rhododendrons and azaleas and a charming sculpture of a donkey with a heavy load (kind of wish I had one to carry my camera bag). After the tulips are done, the garden is re-planted with annuals. When you’ve explored enough, visit the tea house for some tea and fresh-baked scones overlooking the garden. Fabulous!