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Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park

1300 Elgin Mills Road East, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M5

I grew up in the town of Richmond Hill and many years ago I rode my horse at a stable on Elgin Mills just down the road from where The Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park is now located. I hadn’t visited the park before (at least not at this stage of its development) and it was a really pleasant surprise to discover everything it offers. There is something for just about everyone at this park. For the quiet photographer types there's a pretty waterfall, loads of perennial and annual flower beds, a lovely pond with a trail and boardwalk, ducks, turtles, songbirds etc., as well as some old historic buildings. For the kids there’s a playground, children’s garden, and a great splash pad area for hot days. For those more energetic people there’s a skateboard park and in-line skating trail that is used as an ice skating trail in the winter if weather permits. The park also hosts sporting competitions and other special events (many great for families) in its indoor and outdoor facilities. There’s even more than this so check their page for more details.