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Toronto Zoo

2000 Meadowvale Rd Toronto, ON M1B 5K7

I’ve been visiting the Toronto Zoo pretty much from the time it opened and though I’ve seen most of it, there are still areas I haven’t properly explored. It’s a really big place, with many great exhibits but you can’t see them all in one day.  If you have a look at their website before you go, you can decide which animals are must-see and plan your visit around them. There is the option of taking one of the zoo-mobile rides to see the major outdoor exhibits, but if you’re like me, totally into the challenge of photographing all the critters big and small, you’ll want to be on foot so you can linger where you want to. The indoor regional pavilions are not to be missed. You won’t want to run through them too quickly because there are interesting little animals to see in their habitats. For food, there are quite a few options at the different restaurants on site as well as picnic spots. Have a look at the map they give you for the location of the washrooms; it can be quite a long walk between them. You’ll want to wear comfy footwear, and in the summer carrying a bottle of water is a good idea.